How to Tackle Writer’s Block in 7 Different Ways?

This isn’t just a question, it’s a dilemma! All you writers out there – ever wondered why, despite of being gifted with an ocean of creative ideas and having perpetual waves of writing skills, you often end-up facing an unavoidable shark known to you as the Writer’s Block?
Well, it’s time to close the curtains on such mental blocks – it’s time to resume writing! BUT HOW?
You might have tried innumerable ways like making coffee or taking a nap to get through this dilemma but must have seldom achieved a favourable outcome. Look nowhere else – here are seven keys that will definitely help you open your locks and unleash your innovative thought-process once again!

1 – It’s Time to Shuffle!
Indeed. It’s time to change the time. You should consider writing during a different phase of the day, as compared to your existing time.

It might be late at night or early in the morning. You can even replace your afternoon nap-time with your writing-work. What this change does is, it helps you rejuvenate …

A Poet’s Dilemma

Greetings folks! Welcome to the backstage of a Poet’s mind. Let’s take you inside the volcano from where ideas and expressions with exceptional creativity erupt in the form of boiling-hot words of wonder and wisdom. You’re here to witness how chaotic thought processes blend with innovation and intensity. You’re here to realize the relentless frenzy a Poet goes through before unleashing the hidden feelings and expressions.

Dive into the Depth!

What you all tend to spectate is the ultimate phenomenon. However, from behind the scenes you get to see a completely different picture – the ground reality. It’s indeed like a realm of messy affairs – something that’s overshadowed by what’s attractively showcased to you! 

Most of you must’ve thought that a Poet’s greatest dilemma is to decide ‘What to write’. Well, that’s not the case. Rather, a Poet’s greatest dilemma encircles around ‘Why to write’. A cause or a story that Poets can personally relate to, is generally what keeps them engrossed in…